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Felting Needle - Wizpick Orange 40 Gauge


40 gauge / 2x2x2 barbs / 3 inch length (8cm)

Use Orange as a finishing needle for all fibres, but particularly medium to fine wools.

Orange is great for:

  • for forming a denser surface skin in 3-dimensional projects, for securing a surface veneer, and for minimizing puncture marks on the finished surface of both flat and 3-dimensional projects.
  • for attaching fine and delicate embellishing fibres to any project. It causes the least amount of distortion in the embellishing fibres, and minimizes puncture marks. Use with a gentle stabbing action, which only penetrates to a shallow depth.
  • to attach and secure wool in a loose way without making the wool look felted as in wool pictures.
  • to secure fibres wrapped around wire or pipe cleaner.
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