Maiwa in Nuvo Magazine

Maiwa in Nuvo Magazine

Meet Maiwa’s Charllotte Kwon: Canada’s Pioneering Force for Ethical Fashion

Decades before eco-fashion hit the mainstream, artist Charllotte Kwon lived and breathed the ethos of sustainability. In the early eighties, Kwon developed septicemia from her work as a Heidelberg printmaker, which exposed her to high concentrations of toxic inks and solvents. Though she recovered after a series of blood transfusions, she was unable to resume her work as a printer—but a passion for vibrant colour and intrepid travel led her to unearth the magic of natural dyes, a discovery that would completely reshape the future of her career.

Read the summary here. Nuvo Magazine

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World of Interiors: Book Review

World of Interiors: Book Review
The World of Interiors is one of our go-to magazines for inspiration in textiles, arts, and culture. So we were quite proud to see that noted author and anthropologist Nigel Barley reviewed our latest book Textiles of the Banjara. The review is on page 100 in the October 2016 issue.

We liked the review so much we contacted World of Interiors and asked for permission to reproduce it here. We'd like to extend our appreciation to both World of Interiors and Nigel Barley. Continue reading

Selvedge Magazine: Book Review

Selvedge Magazine: Book Review
We just cracked the packing tape on our box of Selvedge Magazine #72. We were delighted to find Sonia Ashmore's review of our book in the "READ" section. Her review begins with the line: "This book should be required reading for anyone who does not consider that textiles are a subject for serious study." Thank you Sonia and thank you Selvedge. Continue reading

Montecristo Magazine: Maiwa — Threads of Language

Maiwa is more than just a store, though—beyond scarves and blankets, Kwon is in the business of selling stories, and selling pieces of art that are labours of love, not labours of necessity. Each dye pattern or set of stitching is its own dialect; the textile pieces are statements from the hands of their makers. The items sold at Maiwa are lover letters written in cotton or sealed with indigo, while Kwon and her team take the role of the postman, delivering each precious message faithfully to the homes of those ready and eager to listen. Continue reading

Shadbolt Community Scholars

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program at SFU has asked Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin to be two of six individuals who will take on the role of Shadbolt Community Scholars.

The Shadbold Fellowship honours the belief in art and craft championed by west coast artists Doris and Jack Shadbolt. Continue reading
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