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These Garments are a collaboration between Charllotte Kwon of Maiwa and India Flint.

The journeywoman’s "vetements" are always comfortable, whether she dreams of travel, sails her armchair or poetically paces the perimeter of her garden. The cloth from which they are cut carries memories of the makers and adds to its story as the garments are worn. The blue-flowered fields of linen, the gentle murmur of silkworms, the thump and swoosh of the loom are intrinsic to these timeless clothes that can take the wearer from city square to village well, from quiet forest glades to the drifting desert sands, from sacred places to the unknown.

These are clothes for all occasions, that rest kindly against the skin, wash easily, wear well. There are seven basic elements, with some available in several fabrics.

They are delivered undyed, a beautiful canvas awaiting the stitches and colours that move your heart, or you can wear them as they are. Add extra pockets if you need, extend the length, embellish their edges. These simple timeless clothes will serve you well from here to there, wherever you go and wherever you are.