Jawaja Carpet Weavers

Weaver of the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja


The Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja is a rural cooperative located in Rajasthan, India. The group represents the work of two crafts; leatherworkers and carpet weavers


Jawaja Carpet Weaving Jawaja Carpet Weavers


The natural fibres of the harsh desert regions of Rajasthan make for durable and long lasting carpets. The weavers of Jawaja work on extra-wide handlooms to create these stunning flatweaves. They feature simple, bold colours and are fine examples of the weaver's art.
The Artisans Alliance of Jawaja has been the recipient of assistance from the Maiwa Foundation. Most notably, assistance to discharge a debt to a predatory lender and the very successful Pink Bike Project.

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