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Tara -

Caesalpinea spinoza, commonly known as tara, is a small and thorny tree with red pods that grows in the dry areas of Peru. It belongs to the pyrogallol group. In its natural state, the concentration of tannins is 35-55%. After the extraction process, the content may increase to 72-75%. 
This vegetable tannin is used in the leather industry to obtain very bright and light-colored leathers. it does not oxidize easily thanks to its low content of free gallic acid. Tara powder is also used in the fabric printing process, as a mordant, and to make dyes using ferric salts.. It is often used for vegetable tanned leathers that need to be light-resistant.

For in-depth information on natural dyes see our Guide to Natural Dyes available on naturaldyes.ca. Also available as a Printable PDF.

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