Sodium Acetate

Sodium acetate may be used to make an aluminum acetate mordant. It is an alternative to calcium acetate. 

Homemade Aluminum Acetate Solution
An aluminum acetate can be made from sodium acetate and potassium aluminum sulfate. Depending on the availability of these materials in your area, this can be cost effective.

To make enough aluminum acetate solution to mordant 1 kilo of fabric, combine in 3 litres of hot tap water:

150g sodium acetate or calcium acetate
150g potassium aluminum sulfate

See our Mordanting instructions for more information.

Sodium acetate is also a salt that acts as a leveling agent and a buffer to maintain the pH of 4.5 to 5 during the entire dyeing time. The addition of sodium acetate helps to keep the fiber soft and damage free. This is particularly useful when dyeing with Telana dyes.

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