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Jai Pant - Handwoven Cotton - Indigo

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An exceptional pant - constructed with a multi-panel design and close attention to detail. The leg is finished with an oval hem to create a scalloped cuff — it perfectly shows off your ankle or footwear. A flat front punctuated by a line of handcarved horn buttons gives this garment an elegant closure. The styling is structural with clean lines and flawless shaping to the pant leg.

Sewn from exquisite artisan cloth; naturally dyed & handwoven by village artisans in India. By dyeing the threads before weaving, there is an added depth to the colour that celebrates the handcraft of the dyers and weavers who created it. 


  • 100% cotton - heavyweight.
  • Handwoven.
  • Thread dyed with natural indigo.
  • Pockets.
  • Handcarved bone & horn buttons may vary slightly.
  • Sewn at the Maiwa Studio in India.

*Handwoven fabrics may contain slight variegations that are to be celebrated and are a reminder of the hand craft that created the garment.

A Note on Fit:

  • A structured fit with a few inches of elastic sewn at sides to offer a little extra give.
  • High rise fit.

    Small: Waist 26-30" / hip 36" / length 34" / rise 15"

    Medium: Waist 29-31" / hip 38" / length 37" / rise 15"

    Large: Waist 32 -34" / hip 40" / length 39" / rise 15"

    Model: Molly is 5’ 7” bust: 38”, waist: 30”, hip: 40” wearing a size medium.


    Note: Indigo is a friendly dye and likes to share its colour. You can expect some colour to rub off on your skin or other clothing for the first part of this garments life. 

    Care Instructions: Your garment can be gently machined or hand washed with cool water. To protect the natural dyes and natural fabric you absolutely must use a pH neutral liquid detergent. Wash with similar colours. Immediately hang to dry. 

    Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, Tru Earth or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7

    - Tru Earth must dissolve completely in water before adding garments to wash


    Comfortable, versatile clothing that celebrates natural fibres, natural dyes and hand weaves. Feels great against your skin, while looking effortless and stylish at home or out in the world.

    Learn more about  handweaves.

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