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Bhujodi - Handwoven Wool Blanket Shawl - Morning Mist


A shawl that can be a blanket and a blanket that can be a shawl.  Wrapped around yourself and your friend.  Tossed on the couch to cuddle up with. A special beauty.  Intricate woven weft design in the borders - hand stitched with meandering pattern all over.

Fibre: 50% merino / 50% deshi wool

Process: Handwoven & handstitched by master craftspeople in Kachchh, India.

Size is approx. 50" x 88" (127cm x 224cm)

* Shawl may vary ever so slightly from image shown.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water. To protect the natural dyes and natural fabrics you absolutely must use a pH neutral liquid detergent. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and hang to dry. 

Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7.


The language of stitches builds within a community over hundreds of years. It is a source of identity that is transferred from one generation to the next. It is learned in the same way a spoken language is learned; with children sitting beside the adults. In an oral culture, the stitched language records everything of importance from the epic to the personal.

Maiwa works with embroiderers through many co-operative structures within India. The women embroider, design, market, and innovate as entrepreneur artisans. The goal is financial self-determination and empowerment through education and a clear sense of the value of their work.

Read more about the Embroiderers and the Bhujodi Weavers.

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