Bandhani Silk Shawl - Teal


The name “Bandhani” derives from the Sanskrit term meaning “to tie.” Tied resist is a traditional technique that has been practiced in India for centuries.

Each dot is the result of creating a tiny peak in the cloth and then tightly wrapping thread around the peak to resist the dye. Artisans work with precision as they slowly pattern the entire cloth - a lengthy process with an exquisite outcome. In Japan, this type of shaped resist is known as shibori. In the West small tie-and-dye pieces were widely traded and became known as “bandanas” - after the term bandhani. 

To achieve multiple colours with this process requires skill and patience as each new colour needs either a new tie or a separate dip in the dyebath. The result of applying bandhani on silk is a sculptural textile with a unique life of its own.

Maiwa works directly with bandhani artisans from Rajasthan and the Kutch Desert of Gujarat, Western India. 

Fiber: 100% Silk

Process: Hand tied and dyed in Kutch, India by master artisans. 

Size is approx: 196cm (77") x 39cm (15")

Note: the bandhani process creates a sculptural textile with a natural elasticity; sizing is very approximate.

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