Jewellery - Necklace - Hand Painted Krishna & Radha Pendant


The necklace is wrapped with tightly bound cotton threads, and beautifully paired with an original miniature hand painted pendant depicting Krishna and his constant companion, RadhaSet in 92.5 silver.

In Hinduism, Krishna is considered a hero, a warrior, a teacher and a philosopher signifying divine love.

The ancient tradition of miniature painting can be traced back to manuscripts recorded on narrow leaves in the the 9th or 10th century. The art began its evolution through the veins of the Imperial Court during the Mughal Empire, and was later carried forth by Rajputs who desired to be anonymous as painters. Throughout time miniatures have been influenced by Indian literature and told the stories of texts, of the culture and have also been created as individual paintings.



  • Length of Collar: 21" (53 cm)
  • Diameter of pendant: 2.5"