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Homemade Aluminum Acetate - Alum & Calcium Acetate 2.0 kg (4.4 lb.)


Aluminum acetate is often the preferred alum mordant for cellulose fibres and fabrics. Some dyes develop to a richer shade on cellulose when mordanted with aluminum acetate. It is expensive and sometimes hard to find, but you can easily make your own using the following recipe:

Homemade Aluminum Acetate Solution
An aluminum acetate solution can be made from combining Potassium Aluminum Sulfate and Calcium Acetate. Depending on the availability of these materials in your area, this can be cost effective. We prefer Calcium Acetate but you can also use Sodium Acetate.

To make enough aluminum acetate to mordant 1 kilo of fabric, combine in 3 litres of hot tap water:

  • 150 g calcium acetate

  • 150 g potassium aluminum sulfate

See naturaldyes.ca for instructions.


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