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Zardozi Thread - Metallic Coil - Dark Bronze Shimmer


Historically the ancient craft of Zardozi originated in Persia where they would use real gold threads. ‘Zar’ means ‘Gold’ and ‘Dozi’ means ‘Embroidery.’

These metallic coils are from India where they are still used to decorate clothing, textiles, and accessories to add an elegant shimmer and texture.

Though it is called Zardozi Thread, one does not thread it on a needle as with other threads. Instead, the coil is stitched and bound onto the surface of your fabric.  This can be done in a variety of ways: it can be stitched on the surface of your fabric in lines and patterns, used to highlight other embellishments such as stones and sequins, or stitched on in loops and braids, giving the piece an incredible 3-D effect. 

Each package contains approx 20g of thread.

Thickness of thread: approx. 2mm

Note: Contains multiple threads of various lengths. These are coils are meant to be cut to the size of your design. These coils do not have any spring.


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