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The Ultimate Natural Dye Kit


This kit gives you everything you need to stock your studio. Whether you are just starting out on your natural dye journey or a lifetime dyer, your process and creative flow will be enhanced with having everything you need at your fingertips to begin any project. 

This kit includes:

Scouring agents for cellulose & protein fibres: Synthrapol, Soda Ash, Orvus Paste.

Mordants & Tannins for cellulose & protein fibres: 1kg Alum, 250g Aluminum Acetate, 250g Calcium Carbonate, 250g Ferrous Sulphate, 225g Gallnut, 225g Myrobolan, 225g Pomegranate, 100g Tara, 100g Sumac.

All of our favourite natural dyes: 225g Marigold, 100g Weld, 225g Osage, 100g Rhubarb, 225g Cutch, 500g Madder, 225g Brazilwood, 100g Kamala, 100g Lac, 100g Cochineal, 100g  Logwood

Total value of this kit is $430


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