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Tannin Iron & Scarf Kit


A kit to make grey naturally.  Myrobolan is a tannin rich dye that reacts with ferrous sulfate to create a neutral grey. You can get different shades of grey by using anywhere between 0.5% WOF to 4% WOF ferrous sulfate.  

Included is a 225g of myrobolan, 100g ferrous sulfate & a cotton mull scarf

How to Dye Your Scarf:

Fill a bucket with warm/hot water - enough water to cover your fabric.  Stir in 15% WOF myrobolan.  Wet out scarf (you can do some resist of our choice on your scarf before hand) and put it in your myrobolan bucket.  Move it around and and make sure scarf is fully immersed in the solution for about 15 minutes. In the meantime fill another bucket with warm/hot water and dissolve 0.5%-4% ferrous sulfate (depending on how dark you want your grey - the sample is 3%wof).  Squeeze out your fabric so it is not dripping and put into the ferrous solution.  Move it around and let is sit in the ferrous for 15 minutes.  Rinse in cool water till water runs clear! Voila!

*WOF = weight of fibre (dry weight)


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