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Synthrapol 60 ml (2 oz)



Synthrapol is a non-ionic a soap that is used for scouring (pre washing of your cloth to remove any barriers that may lead to uneven dyeing) and to remove excess dye and prevent it from redepositing on the fabric. This helps in achieving clearer, more consistent colours and prevents dye bleeding during the wash process.

Uses for Synthrapol:

Pre-washing Fabric - It is often used to pre-wash fabric to remove sizing and other manufacturing residues before dyeing.

Post-washing - After dyeing, Synthrapol helps to remove unfixed dye from the fabric, ensuring that the colours stay vibrant and do not transfer onto other items.

Synthrapol is pH neutral, making it safe for delicate fabrics and effective in both hot and cold water.

It is suitable for use with various dye types, including fiber-reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, and natural dyes.

Use sparingly, 10ml per lb of fibre.


Instructions for use here - Scouring

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