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Only one of the groups we work with has required crisis assistance due the challenges wrought by COVID - that is the leatherworkers and weavers of Jawaja. 

With lockdowns and restrictions on international travel, this group has not been able to attend craft fairs. Within India their work is sold through craft alliances and in airport boutiques. The closure of these venues and the decline in demand for their goods due to pandemic related lifestyle changes has meant that there have been few orders and little work available for this group. Maiwa stepped in and, for the first time in our history, provided subsistence living expenses to a group of artisans. 

Donations made here will be used to continue to support the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja with financial assistance to cover basic living costs.

Donations to the Maiwa Foundation are tax deductible. The Maiwa Foundation is a Registered Charity in Canada and it issues receipts for donations over $25.

The Maiwa Foundation also accepts donations by mail or by phone (604) 669-3939. 

Read more about the Maiwa Foundation.

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