Shibori Kit


This is a quality stainless steel Japanese tool used in the art of shibori for fine and consistant design in your work. The tool helps to keep tension in the cloth as you bind.  It is made up of a clamp and a sturdy arm that is perpendicular to the clamp and has a sharp and strong pin on the end.

This traditional japanese shibori kit is very helpful for making the many tiny knots needed to create the circle designs found in the technique Kanoko Shibori and the larger circle designs in Hitta Shibori. It is also very useful in creating the cone of consecutive rings in the Tsuno Shibori design.

The tool is clamped to the table (clamp included) with the needle pointing upward. Cloth is hooked onto the pin and held taught while wrapping and tying. This pin can help manipulate the cloth in a myriad of ways.

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