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Shawl - Cotton Organic Handspun Hand-tied Bandhani


This 100% organic cotton shawls have been handspun, handwoven, and hand-tied by master bandhani artisans in India in partnership with Maiwa. The ties act as a resist and creates an extraordinary texture when left to dry before removing the ties.

The size is approx. 76cm x 180cm (30" x 71")

We also offer a wholesale price for a set of 6 scarves.


Work in traditional styles (Indian, Japanese, African or Indonesian) or dye it your own way. These shawls can be dyed with natural dyes, fibre reactive dyes, or vat dyes. Work gently - the ties form the resist. The shawl can be painted or immersion dyed. Once dyed, the shawl will need to be processed using the recommended method (check our dye instructions for details).


The shawl can be gently rinsed and laid flat to dry. In order to retain the distinctive bandhani shape, allow the shawl to dry completely before carefully removing the ties. Avoid using scissors or a seam ripper - rather, pinch the top and pull the threads off by hand. To keep this shape, the shawl must be dry cleaned.


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