Set of 5 - 45ml Pebeo Setacolor Transparent - Warm Palette

$35.00 $28.00

We have made these set of 5 colour palettes at a special price for you to explore and get creative. 

The Transparent Warm palette includes 45ml of these 5 Colours: 
Cardinal Red, Fuchsia, Bright Orange, Lemon Yellow, Oriental Red

These beautiful, professional fabric paints from France can be used on all natural fabrics and some blends. The transparent paints work best on light coloured fabrics and are wonderful for blending, watercolour techniques and airbrushing. For screen-printing on silk you may need to add the thickener.

Once the piece is fully dry you can fix the paint by simply ironing for 1-2 minutes front and back moving the iron constantly. Iron setting on high with no steam. These fabric paints have excellent washfastness and lightfastness and leave the fabric with a very soft hand.