Ralli Quilts

This book tells the story of a fascinating quilting tradition found in southern Pakistan and neighbouring western India. These quilts, called ralli, are stunning in their designs, brilliant in their colours, and intriguing in their history. The designs, which include patchwork, applique, and embroidered styles, are reminiscent of motifs found on painted pottery from the ancient civilizations of the area. Showcased here are more than 130 stunning ralli quilts, all shown in full colour. They date primarily from the mid- to late twentieth century and feature a wondrous array of designs and patterns that have been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for hundreds of years. Quilt descriptions identify where each quilt was made, design or pattern characteristics, type of fabric, and dimensions. The carefully researched text provides intriguing information on quilt construction, colours, patterns, and regional variations. A valuable reference for textile historians, designers, and quilt lovers everywhere, this book is a tribute to the skill and creativity of the "ralli region" people who continue to make and use these beautiful textiles.
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