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Potato Dextrin

250g (8.8oz) - Container
500g (1.1lb) - Container
1kg (2.2lb) - Bag

Potato Dextrin is a starch resist that can produce lace-like patterns and crackle lines similar to batik. Most often it is used to resist an overall area. Printing and painting the paste also has unique results. This resist tends to crack in the drying process and this causes the unique dye patterning.

While the potato dextrin is drying on the cloth it may be manipulated with scratches and stamps. Immersion dyeing is impractical but thickened dyes or discharging agents can be applied through the cracks and opened areas. With so many variables determining the outcome, it is wise to do plenty of experimenting. An excellent recipe for potato dextrin can be found in the “Resist” data sheet.

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