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Portraits Found and Taken - Tim McLaughlin


Over 75 writers, artists, and others photographed by Maiwa's own Tim McLaughlin. Includes a collection of found photographs and a series of experimental text works known as "photographic writing." Preface by Stephen Osborne.

144 pages. Hardcover.
Black and white portrait photography.


Legacy of Tim McLaughlin

Tim McLaughlin was a gifted artist, writer, photographer and teacher. His dedication to the art, craft, and science of natural dyeing and the joy and thoughtfulness with which he shared his knowledge with all of us will forever be remembered. ⁣

One of his many legacies will continue through the workshops he created for the Maiwa School of Textiles. 

His workshops Natural Dye: Alchemy, Chemistry, Craft and the Ink Making Workshop will continue, honouring Tim McLaughlin’s legacy and the collective commitment we share to explore, create, and celebrate the wonders of natural dyeing. 

While no one can replace Tim, we are dedicated to finding a way to carry on the teachings and knowledge he so creatively shared with all of us. 

Tim McLaughlin was not only a teacher but also a mentor, a guide, and a source of inspiration for us all. It is in his memory, and with great respect for the passion he instilled in each of us, that we keep the education part of his legacy alive at this time. 

We understand the significance of this space in fostering creativity, understanding, exploration and a deeper connection to the world of natural dyeing. 

Let us remember Tim McLaughlin not only for the knowledge he shared but also for the sense of community and passion that flourished under his guidance. 

Learn more about his workshops here: The Ink Making Workshop Natural Dyes: Alchemy Chemist Craft

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