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Orvus Paste 3.4kg (7.5 lb)


Orvus is our go-to for scouring protein (silk & wool) fibres before dyeing.  It is a versatile, gentle pH neutral detergent used for washing naturally dyed fibres and fabrics and is ideal for washing delicate fabrics. It restores lustre and conditions wools and silks. 

Orvus Paste is primarily composed of sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a surfactant. It is a white, highly concentrated paste that dissolves easily in water to create a mild, effective cleaning solution.

Orvus is a soft solid when cool. When Orvus becomes warm, it melts into a liquid. It works perfectly well in both states. A little goes a long way.  Dilute 5ml (1tsp) in warm water for every 1lb (.45kg) of fabric. Soak and agitate gently.  

Instructions for use here - Scouring

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