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Organic Handspun Cotton Pom Pom Shawl


This is a yummy handspun and handwoven organic cotton shawl with playful big pom poms. There are lovely little flecks in the cotton, due to each thread being handspun and tiny pieces of cotton plant material becoming incorporated.  It has amazing drape with subtle stripes of open weave in the weft.  This shawl works great wrapped around you, as a throw in the home, a blanket for the beach, or all the above!

Fibre: 100% Organic cotton

Process:  Handspun and handwoven by village artisans in Kutch, India

Size is approx. 100cm (39”) wide x 220cm (86”) long

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cool water, mild pH neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry.

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