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Organic Cotton Cushion Cover - Bagh Print - Star Anise


The impact of Bagh block prints comes from the dramatic use of red and black; a style which originates with the Bhil and Bhilala cultures of central India. This print features the bold black print on light background, without red.  These block prints are made in the traditional way using natural dyes and a process that has multiple distinct steps including scouring, mordanting, printing, washing and immersion dying. Highly recognizable Bagh prints are a bold evolution of the block printer’s art.

Pattern on cloth is the result of a wooden block being placed many times by an artisan’s hand. Slight variations give the cloth life and are to be celebrated. 

Fiber: 100% Organic Cotton

Process: Block printed by hand with natural dyes by master craftspeople in Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Size: There are 2 sizes available; 16" Cushion Cover and 24" Cushion Cover. Please select your desired size in the dropdown above.

Note: Colours will appear different on different monitors and in different lighting conditions.

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