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Organic Cotton Cushion Cover - Bagh Print - Red Rustic Palm


The impact of Bagh block prints comes from the dramatic use of red and black; a style which originates with the Bhil and Bhilala cultures of central India. These block prints are made in the traditional way using natural dyes and a process that has multiple distinct steps including scouring, mordanting, printing, washing and immersion dying. Highly recognizable Bagh prints are a bold evolution of the block printer’s art.

Pattern on cloth is the result of a wooden block being placed many times by an artisan’s hand. Slight variations give the cloth life and are to be celebrated. 

Fiber: 100% Organic Cotton

Process: Block printed by hand with natural dyes by master craftspeople in Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Size: There are 2 sizes available; 16" Cushion Cover and 24" Cushion Cover. Please select your desired size in the dropdown above.

Note: Colours will appear different on different monitors and in different lighting conditions

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