Onion Skins 225g (8 oz.)


Onion Skins are a nice introduction to natural dyes for novices, children, and those who delight in colour from kitchen waste. Red onions give shades of clear maroon-brown on protein fibres and lighter equivalents on cellulose. To obtain satisfying colours from onions skins use at 20% WOF. Simmer for 1 hour, remove the skins and add your mordanted cloth. For a more thorough extraction simmer for an hour then let stand overnight before dyeing. Onions skins have medium fastness.

Mordanting: use alum mordant at 15% WOF for protein fibres. For cellulose mordant with tannin at 8% WOF and then alum at 15%, or alum acetate at 8%.

For in-depth information on natural dyes see our Guide to Natural Dyes available on naturaldyes.ca. Also available as a Printable PDF.

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