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Nori Tsutsu Cone #7


Specially made from handmade Katagami paper. Katagami paper is created by laminating handmade mulberry paper layers that have been immersed in fermented persimmon juice known as kakishibu.  This makes the paper water resistant and strong and gives it that wonderful smokey smell.  

The paper is then turned into cones. These cones work on the same principle as a cake decorator. When soaked in water they become soft at which time different sized nibs can be applied. Resist is then put inside and squeezed through for designing. When finished they are washed, dried and ready to be used over and over.

There is only one family left in Japan who is still making this paper in the traditional way. We are honoured to support this family based in the Kyoto prefecture.

Brass tips sold separately.

Approx 8.5” (21.5 cm) tall, 2.25" (5.5 cm) diameter at base

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