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Naturally Dyed Bengal Weave Shawl - Linen - Deep Cutch & Madder


This exquisite hand crafted textile celebrates the skills of the Bengali Artisans who created it; from the complexity of naturally dyeing linen yarns to the precise handweaving and unique design. Handwoven is so much more than simply beautiful cloth - it is an idea of cultural self-sufficiency with deep roots in the Indian identity.

The drape of this linen is unlike anything else, it flows effortlessly, making this a fantastic piece to style in many different ways or use as an art piece/covering. We love the elegance and airy feel of the indigo dyed linen.

Fibre: 100% Linen. 

Process:  Yarns have been naturally dyed by hand and handwoven by village artisans in Bengal, India 

Size is approx. 31" x 87" ( 80cm x 225cm )


  • Supplementary weft design with pom pom embellishments.
  • Stunning drape.
  • Dyed with indigo.
  • Twisted tassels with pom pom to finish.


Care Instructions: Hand wash with cool water, mild pH neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry.

 *Handwoven fabrics may contain slight variegations that are to be celebrated and are a reminder of the hand craft that created the textile.



Maiwa works in collaboration with village artisans to encourage longevity of the ancient art and also commissions pieces and materials that can be made in no other way.


Read more about the artisans.

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