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Natural Hair Dye - Cassia 300g


Cassia Obovata - also known as "neutral henna" grows in East Africa and India where its powdered leaves have been used in the care and colour of hair for centuries.  The golden yellow of cassia comes from the anthraqinone chrysophanol.  Cassia will dye pale or gray hair a golden wheat colour, however, the colour is not as permanent as henna.

The dye component is transparent and so does not make dark hair lighter - it is not a bleach.  Cassia has deep conditioning qualities while aslso giving a golden colour.

It is recommended to test the hair first because some waters have an abundance of minerals and those minerals can build up in hair - there can be a reaction between the tannins in cassia and the minerals on hair that produce a dark brown or greenish black.

Maiwa's hair dyes are 100% natural and certified organic.


Cassia Recipe for Hair

Golden wheat colours on pale or grey hair  - Always do a strand test

  • 100g cassia powder (100g for short hair, 300g should length hair up to 500g for waist length hair)
  • Enough hot water to make a paste (the consistency of creamy yogurt)

▶ Mix cassia powder with warm water until it becomes the consistency of creamy yogurt or pancake batter.

▶ Allow to stand in a warm place for 4-6 hours covered with plastic wrap. Apply to dry or damp hair in the same way that you would apply the henna paste.

▶ Keep wrapped in plastic for 2-4 hours and then wash out with warm water followed by a shampoo with neutral soap and conditioner.

Remember that cassia is for adding gold tones to blonde or grey hair. You can add some henna for a strawberry blonde colour. Cassia also deeply conditions hair and adds shine and thickness. On dark hair it will not colour but it will condition beautifully.

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