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Natural Dyes: Alchemy Chemistry Craft Workshop - Registration - Partial Payment #3


Natural Dye: Alchemy Chemistry Craft

The first workshop of its kind.

A pathway through modern science organized around the study of natural dyes. From the atom and molecular diagrams to the reduction and oxidation of indigo, to acids and bases, and all the way up to the complexity of tannin-mordant dye chemistry.

Learn why the study of natural dyes is one of the most engaging ways to investigate matter and materials.

In this workshop students will open up one of the most colourful mysteries of all time — why plants give colour and how this colour is preserved on textile fibres. The course will bring students along on a voyage of discovery through human ingenuity and exploration.

We will follow the history of scientific progress alongside the development of craft, and the materials of craft: the production of alkalies from burning plants, the production of pigments by putting these alkalies to use, the production of dye molecules inside plants, why oxidation happens and how it transforms an indigo leaf from green foliage into a blue pigment. How a few functional groups (the magnificent seven) explain the formation of tannins, solubility and acidity. We journey to the very heart of colour and discover what it is that produces the hues we love - at the molecular level.

This workshop will most benefit the experienced dyer, or the artisan who has a strong curiosity about materials- especially mordants. It will also benefit those who work alongside natural colour - teachers, archivists, conservators, researchers and historians. Our explorations will be mainly process based, and qualitative, if you can handle weight of fibre calculation - you will be comfortable in this course.

This is an ideas-based workshop driven by wonder and curiosity about dyes, dyeing, and the natural world. There are no textile projects in this class.

  • • Over 130 lessons in 18 modules covering everything from ions to indigo.

    • Comprehensive videos for each module, providing clear explanations with animated diagrams and text.

    • Over 220 pages of fully illustrated course notes available as downloadable PDFs, including references and links to both video and print support materials.

    • Access to a robust Q&A section with instructors answering questions 3 times a week.

    • An online quiz for each module so that you can review key concepts.

    • One live Zoom event to wrap up the workshop and inspire you on your journey.


*Supply Kit sold separately

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