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Myrobalan 2.5kg (5.5lb.)

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Myrobalan - This dyestuff consists of ground nuts of the Terminalia chebula tree. This tree grows in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Indochina and south China. It may be classed as both a mordant and a dye, giving a light buttery yellow when applied. It is an important tannin based mordant for cotton in India and southeast Asia due to the light warm colour it imparts to the cloth. Myrobalan is a good foundation for overdyeing. It is also the perfect colour to lay down under a single indigo dip for teal. When used as a tannin mordant myrobalan requires 15-20% WOF. If using to create a soft butter yellow use 20-30% WOF.

Mordanting: use alum mordant at 15% WOF for protein fibres and cellulose fibres (there is enough tannin in the myrobalan so that mordanting with tannin is not required).

Dyeing: Add myrobalan powder to the dye or mordant bath, bring bath up to 55ºC (130ºF) and then add fibre. Continue heating bath to a high simmer (approximately 83ºC (180ºF)) hold for one hour. Adding iron (2-4% WOF) to the bath will produce soft lichen greens to deep grey-greens.

For in-depth information on natural dyes see our Guide to Natural Dyes available on naturaldyes.ca. Also available as a Printable PDF.

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