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Leather Woven Pouch - Medium - Brown


Simple and slender, this handmade woven leather wallet is versatile, with one zipper pocket. You can decide exactly what to use it for; a wallet, to organize receipts, pencil case, you name it...

This design comes in three different sizes that pair extremely well together to help organize your life.

Size is approx: 8" x 4.0" / 20 cm x 10 cm 

Features: 1 zipper pocket, blockprinted lining.


Made by the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja - a rural cooperative located in Rajasthan, India. Vegetable-tanned leather, burnished and stitched by hand results in a piece to last a lifetime. Use adds subtlety, deepens personality and patina, and bestows a heroic character on Jawaja leatherwork.