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Koekboya: Natural Dyes and Textiles: A Colour Journey from Turkey to India and Beyond by Harald Böhmer


Natural Dyes and Textiles:
A Colour Journey From Turkey to India and Beyond
by Harald Böhmer

with co-author Charllotte Kwon

300 pages, hardcover, full colour.

A beautiful exploration of natural dyes throughout the world with a special emphasis on Turkey where author Harald Böhmer was instrumental in starting the DOBAG project.  

"All of us who study, collect and appreciate the Anatolian carpet-weaving tradition have for two decades already owed an enormous debt to Harald Böhmer’s labour of love. Koekboya distils in one useful, attractive volume the essence of these labours. Part detective narrative, part encyclopedia, part history, bursting with colour and fascinating detail, the volume is a modern classic, a virtuoso blending of art, science and ethnography, a magnificent gift from Dr Böhmer to us all."  — WALTER B DENNY, Cornucopia Magazine. 



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