Kachchh Embroidery - Pakko Pouch - Sodha Rajput - Precious Stone


A sweet little drawstring pouch with side pockets perfect for holding makeup, small electronics, or a collection of little treasures.

The Sodha Rajput community used to live in Sindh, Pakistan but have now mostly migrated to Kachchh, India.  They are primarily farmers but with their migration from Sindh as late as 1971 during the Indo-Pakistan war, they have been left with some of the least fertile land.  They brought with them their embroidery, and most importantly their exceptional embroidery skills and designs.  Sodha embroidery is strong and durable with geometric, curvilinear lines and full of flowers, birds, animals and figurative motifs.

These embroideries bring the richness of desert cultures into your hands — heirlooms for the future. Each embroidery is a unique expression of the woman who made it. No two are the same.

Size is approx. 4.5" x 7" (12cm x 18cm). Outer embroidered sleeve is 4.5" x 4.5" (12cm x 12cm), strap drop is 26" (66cm).

Features: Traditional embroidery using small mirrors and motifs, paired with elegant handwoven mashru, a satin weave created with a cotton weft and silk warp. A strap, two open side pockets and a centre drawstring closure make this a sweet small pouch.

Note: Each embroidery piece is one of a kind.


The language of stitches builds within a community over hundreds of years. It is a source of identity that is transferred from one generation to the next. It is learned in the same way a spoken language is learned; with children sitting beside the adults. In an oral culture the stitched language records everything of importance from the epic to the personal.

Maiwa works with embroiderers through many co-operative structures within India. The women embroider, design, market and innovate as entrepreneur artisans. The goal is financial self-determination and empowerment through education and a clear sense of the value of their work.

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