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Journeywoman - Flax Fields Set - 5 Piece

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Large (sold out)

A set of 5 timeless garments that are part of the Journeywoman collection.

These garments are made to take on a life of their own, love them naturally as they are or make your own mark. Sewn with cotton thread, they beg to be naturally dyed, eco printed, embellished and personalized. Make your own fit with alterations or add more pockets with our favourite cotton sewing thread.


Priced at a 15% discount, this set includes the following garments (from left to right):

Wayfinder Smock - 100% natural linen

  • One Size: up to 62" around the body / length 45".

Suti Dress - 100% natural linen

  • Small: bust up to 38" / hip up to 42" / length 40".

  • Medium: bust up to 42" / hip up to 44" / length 42".

  • Large: bust up to 45" / hip up to 47" / length 43".

Weaver Pant - 100% handwoven natural linen

  • Small: waist 28-32" / hip up to 44" / length 33.5".

  • Medium: waist 30-34" / hip up to 46" / length 35.5".

  • Large: waist 33-43" / hip up to 52" / length 38".

Mala Tunic - 100% natural linen

  • One Size: bust up to 54" / length 35".

Shimoga Shirt - 100% handwoven natural linen

  • One Size: up to 64" around the body / 33" length.


Note: all sized garments will arrive according to the size of set you select. 

For care instructions and more details, please visit the product page of each garment above.


"The journeywoman throws her wayfinder smock over her wiseheart shift, shrugs on her wanderlust coat, wraps a shawl around her shoulders, whistles up a friendly wind and steps out into the whirled.

If the wind is fierce, she wears her weaver pants underneath.

If the gales are arctic or the night is cold or she needs to escape without baggage, she can wear them all together…westward shimmy and weaver pants under a rustling wind dancer skirt topped by wiseheart shift, wildflower camise and wayfinder smock; all enfolded by the wanderlust coat with a change of undergarments in a pocket and a toothbrush in another.

They can be worn in countless combinations, in layers to suit any climate and on any body.

The journeywoman’s clothes are for the woman who travels light, dreams of travel, sails her armchair or poetically paces the perimeter of her garden, though she may find herself wanting several variations." ~India Flint


Journeywoman is a collaboration dreamed up between Charllotte of Maiwa and India Flint while traveling in India together in early 2020.

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