Journeys in Natural Dyeing - Techniques for Creating Color at Home


An international study of natural dyeing aimed at teaching beautiful techniques.

Journeys in Natural Dyeing shares the story of Kristine Vejar and Adrienne Rodriguez’s travels to four countries, Iceland, Mexico, Japan, and Indonesia, where they visited natural dyers who use their locally-sourced dyes in dramatically different environments to create textiles that evoke beauty, a connection to the land on which they live, and showcase their mastery of skill. This book includes profiles of the artists met.

From their California-based studio, Vejar and Rodriguez used their own locally-grown and gathered dyestuffs, from leaves to fungi, and utilized techniques, from extraction to fermentation, to create over 400 shades of color. This book shares their process and includes recipes and projects to create all of these colors and more. In addition, you will learn how to use your own natural environment to create deep, beautiful colors. You will see your neighborhood in a whole new way. 

In this book, you will learn how-to:
+ create the widest palette possible using dye sourced locally through shifts in pH, the use of iron water, combining dyes, and using naturally-colored fibers
+ identify and gather mushrooms for dyeing
+ grow, harvest, compost, and ferment Persicaria tinctoria (indigo) based upon 100 square feet of space
+ extract indigo pigment from Persicaria tinctoria to use at a later date
+ use plant-based mordants
+ create concentrates from locally sourced barks and leaves, such as Birch and Maple, for room-temperature dyeing
+ and more!

Kristine Vejar and Adrienne Rodriguez co-own A Verb for Keeping Warm. They love to meet people from around the world who share a love for textiles. They also love to teach people how-to use natural dyes. Kristine is the author of The Modern Natural Dyer (Abrams 2015).

Sarah Ollikkala Jones, a contributing writer and researcher to Journeys in Natural Dyeing, has managed the Verb dye studio for the past 5 years and is an avid natural dyer.

Hardcover Edidtion 9781419747076

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