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Linen Shawl with Black Selvedge


A buttery and full-bodied pure linen shawl with the perfect drape. This handwoven shawl has a distinctive black selvedge and hem that frames the piece beautifully. It is fringed with 2 inch twisted tassels. 

The art of handweaving in Bengal is an ancient tradition. In some villages, one can hear flying shuttles of handlooms as you pass each and every dwelling down a village street. Maiwa works in collaboration with village artisans to encourage longevity of the ancient art and also commissions pieces and materials that can be made in no other way.

Fibre: 100% Linen

Process: Handwoven by village artisans in Bengal in collaboration with Maiwa

Size is approx: 90 x 200cm (35 x 78”)

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