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Fustic Extract 225g (8 oz)


An extract prepared from the heartwood of a tree from the Mulberry family, Chlorophora tinctoria. Fustic produces a range of colours from daffodil yellow to deep gold to orange. When used as an underdye with indigo Fustic yields forest greens and teals. Fustic has a high light and washfastness and exposure to strong sunlight may actually darken colours.

Mordanting: Use alum mordant at 15% WOF for protein fibres.

For cellulose fibres either 1) Just use fustic alone at 4-6% WOF or 2) for a deeper yellow, use a clear tannin (like oak gall) and then alum at 15% and soda ash at 2% and then dye with fustic as below.

Dyeing with the extract: Use at 4-6% WOF for a medium depth of shade. Keep the dyebath temperature at about 85ºC (185ºF) for wool and cotton and 77ºC (170ºF) for silk. At a higher temperatures the colour will turn to a dull brown yellow. 

For in-depth information on natural dyes see our Guide to Natural Dyes available on naturaldyes.ca. Also available as a Printable PDF.

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