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DVD - Color by Accident

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One of the best books that any hand dyer, quilter, fabric dye dabbler etc., could ever have is now in DVD format. For ya'll paper challenged folks out there, now there is a very useful resource that you can simply pop into your DVD player and then get to work. Happy Dyeing!

FYI--This is a "low water immersion" method of dyeing with our Fiber Reactive dyes devised by Ann Johnston (author of "Color by Design"). The approach is very spontaneous, uses very little water & dye, no salt, and gives you the chance to create one-of-a-kind goodies. 5 variations, with 54 tested recipes. Tons of info on Procion dyeing. Great for creating a pallet of unique fabrics for those one of a kind art quilts we all drool over. Learn to make fabrics that gradate from light to dark, or one color to another too.

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