Leather Brush Case - Brown


Handcrafted by the Jawaja leatherworkers, this pouch is perfect for brushes, pens, earbuds, or charger cords. Like all Jawaja leather it will age beautifully over time. It has an ingenious triangular form which can easily accommodates a variety of items. We recommend pairing it with a larger Jawaja bag as a leather set.



H: 2.5" W: 8.5" D: 1.5" 


  • Zipper closure


Made by the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja - a rural cooperative located in Rajasthan, India. Vegetable-tanned leather, burnished and stitched by hand results in a piece to last a lifetime. Use adds subtlety, deepens personality and patina, and bestows a heroic character on Jawaja leatherwork. 

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