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Bhujodi Naturally Dyed Shawl - Cream - Eri Silk & Handspun Cotton


This shawl is a masterpiece of the Bhujodi weaving community from India's Kachchh Desert. This group has not only retained traditional natural dye techniques, they have expanded the palette and refined dyeing methods to gain fast, true colours. A century ago this high-quality weaving was only done for the local prestige market. Today Bhujodi weaving is recognized worldwide for its skill and beauty.  

This shawl is woven from fine count cotton mixed with eri silk. The resulting cloth is animated, light and beautiful. 

Fibre: 80% Handspun Cotton, 20% Eri Silk

Process:  Yarns naturally dyed by hand, handwoven by village artisans in Kachchh, India 

Size is approx. 34" x 86" (86cm x 219cm)

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cool water, mild pH neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry.

Read more about the artisans.

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