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Bhujodi Caravan Blanket - Handspun & Handwoven Wool


This is a traditional wool blanket, woven from a regional sheep wool known as deshi (country) wool. The blanket is woven by the Vankar community of Bhujodi. It is woven in two panels. The panels are stitched together using a decorative blanket stitch. This is a robust blanket that invokes the presence of caravans that traversed India's western deserts. The wools are naturally dark and light and have not been dyed. 

The wools are hand-spun by elders of the Robari community. Rabari are themselves a fabled nomadic group with a formidable presence. Rabari caravans can still be found on highways in the Kachchh region of Gujarat, India.

Process:  Handwoven by village artisans in Kachchh, India.

Size approx. 54" x 96" (137 x 244cm)


  • Hand Spun Deshi Wool.
  • Intricate weft design


Care Instructions: Handwash with cool water, mild pH-neutral liquid soap.  Hang to dry. May also be dry cleaned.

 *Handwoven fabrics may contain slight variegations that are to be celebrated and are a reminder of the handcraft that created the textile.


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