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Bandana - Block Printed Organic Cotton - Ajrakh Star Map


These naturally dyed bandanas are a beautiful piece of cloth that have many different uses.  Wear it around your neck or tied in your hair, they can also be used to bundle, cover and accentuate your things.

Ajrakh is a traditional style of block printing which uses hand-carved wooden blocks to print and resist natural dyes on organic cotton. These Ajrakhs are made by the Khatri family residing in the Kachchh desert of Gujarat, India - a family that have been block printing for over nine generations.

The process of making an Ajrakh is a long one, involving between thirteen and twenty distinct steps. The many processes of scouring, washing, printing, dyeing, and final washing can take up to three weeks to complete. Much of the beauty and depth of Ajrakh cloth comes from the intricacy of the imprint that is left by the artisan’s hand. Slight variations are to be celebrated.

Fiber: 100% Organic Cotton

Process: Block printed by hand with natural dyes by master craftspeople in Kachchh, India.

Size: Approx. 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm)

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with mild pH neutral soap and hang to dry.

Note: Colours will appear different on different monitors and in different lighting conditions

Meet the artisans.

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