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Aluminum Triformate

100g (3.6oz) - Container
250g (8.8oz) - Container
500g (1.1lb) - Container
1kg (2.2lb) - Bag
2.5kg (5.5lb) - Bag

Aluminum Triformate is a gentle cold temperature mordant for natural dyes on cellulose and protein fibres.  In the world of natural dyeing this is an exciting addition to the mordants available.  At Maiwa, we have been testing aluminum triformate with all our dye, tannin, and fibre recipes for over two years.  We have run all samples through rigorous lightfast and washfast testing and our conclusions are that this is an excellent mordant for wool and silk as it does not require heat in the mordant stage - and yet it creates a strong bond with the mordant dyes.

For a cold temperature mordant for cellulose fibres this is an easy one step mordant procedure.

Full instructions on handling, safety & use for this product are available on our site - naturaldyes.ca. SDS is available upon request.

Available in different sizes in either a reusable/recyclable plastic container or reusable plastic bag. Our rates reflect a growing discount as the size increases. 

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