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At Maiwa, we’ve kept journals all our lives. For the past 34 years working in textiles & natural dyes we’ve traveled to lands that have offered up history and wisdom of the plant world and artisan techniques, always keeping our journals near. Recording what we’ve learned, memories that have touched our souls, techniques that have inspired us and ideas that have sparked on the road.

This journal has been an idea of ours for a long time. It is a little like a combination of a travel journal and a natural dye journal. It is the journal we have always wanted!

Like any journal, a dyer’s record becomes more valuable as time passes. This is especially true if you love to experiment with dyestuff, mordants and tannins. A journal is an aid to memory which will bring back all of the wonderful sensations of dyeing.

Of course, a dyer’s journal can contain much more than notes about process. It can contain your plans for colours, inspiration from nature, drawings, paint samples, and your thoughts on the dye process.

You may find yourself wanting more than one…


  • The pages of this journal are sprinkled with photos that inspire; images of of plants that give colour to cloth, techniques documented, freshly dyed yarns hanging on the line, natural dyes in all their glory.
  • There is a lot of space for drawings and notes, for remembering how you achieved a colour and the feeling you had on the day you did. How you journal is totally personal, we just supply the space to begin.
  • Made from a matte paper that we have tried and tested. 


  • 8.5” x 11.25”
  • 72 pages


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