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Procion H Liquid

Procion H concentrated liquid is a high temperature fiber reactive dye for all natural fibers (especially silk). This is a superb handpainting dye (when steamed for 30 minutes). It can also be used as a high temperature immersion dye. It is a superior, professional dye adapted to liquid form for ease of use and quality results.

Procion H offers a colour quality previously only attainable from powder Procion H dyes. It yields the same outstanding light and washfastness on cotton, linen, rayon, wool or silk. The primary colors (based on the process color wheel) are yellow, fuchsia, turquoise. These dyes are very concentrated: 1 tsp. to 4 oz. of chemical water will produce deep rich shades. Less dye will yield paler colours.

Techniques: direct application, paste resist, discharge dyeing, silkscreening, airbrushing and devore.

To dye with Procion H you will need regular baking soda as a fixative. You will also need Chemical Water (bottom of this page). Chemical water may be made with Calgon, Ludigol, and Urea.

Sodium Alginate is an excellent thickener for Procion H dyes. Synthrapol soap is a must have for these dyes as it prevents back staining (colour bleed) during final washing. Synthrapol is also a very good scouring agent.

Colour swatches are approximations. Always test a sample of fabric. See our Procion H Data Sheet for full instructions.

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