Set fo 4 - Wood Blocks - Ajrakh Mamad Shahi


SET OF FOUR BLOCKS These special blocks are designed to create a registered multi-coloured repeating geometric pattern. Each block size is approximately 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4").

This set of wood blocks work together to create a complex four-colour design. Each block is hand-carved from teak hardwood. You can print with it or display it in your home - a masterpiece in itself.

Traditionally used with natural dyes, these blocks will work beautifully with paints & inks on fabric and paper. They are also used by potters to make impressions in clay. 

This ajrakh set is made by the Khatri family who live in the Kutch desert of Gujarat, India. The family that has been block printing for over nine generations.

The process of making an ajrakh is a long one, involving between 13 and twenty distinct steps (depending on the colours). The many processes of scouring, washing, printing, dyeing, and final washing can take up to three weeks to complete. Much of the beauty and depth of Ajrakh cloth comes from the intricacy of the imprint that is left by the artisan’s hand.

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