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Womenweave Organic Cotton & Wild Tussar Silk Scarf - Black Check


This shawl was exquisitely handwoven by the WomenWeave co-operative, a group that is creating some of the most contemporary hand-weaving in India today. 

WomenWeave have re-invented the shawl, through manipulating the architecture of the cloth itself and working with combinations of different fibre types. Made of beautiful and soft Organic Cotton (handspun) and wild tussar silk, this shawl has a depth of personality and character, and a most wonderful drape and hand.

Fibre: Organic Cotton & Tussar Silk

Process: Handspun, naturally dyed, then handwoven by village artisans of WomenWeave in India.

Size is approx. 209 x 68 cm / 26 x 82"

Read more about the artisans.


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