Wild Fibers Magazine 2019 Issue - Life in the Russian Arctic

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Travel to Russia's Wrangel Island, three hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. Known as the polar bear nursery of the world, approximately one thousand muskoxen live on this remote, yet surprisingly colorful tundra (in the summer.)  Learn how muskox are adapting to climate change, and the soaring price of their precious qiviut.

other features:

* Where to find some of the finest American cashmere.

* Drop-spinning on a volcanic island in Indonesia

* Resurrecting flax in the Pacific northwest

* Valais blacknose sheep, the "cutest sheep in the world"

* Looking back fifty years with Schacht Spindle Co. and Oomingmak, The Musk Ox Producers Co-op          

* and so much more

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